Crazy THOT at Disneyworld Decides to Show Off Ass to Children

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Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
August 31, 2017

Female narcissism is at epidemic levels.

Check out this Asian THOT “working out” while in line at Disneyworld.

You can see her non-existent Asian ass bobbing in front of the noses of children, all to be uploaded to her legions of beta dolts online.

Now, I’m no Puritan by any means. But I like seeing a little mystery, a little tact and a little restraint from fellow citizens when I go out. I think there’s something wrong with our society when people feel that as long as someone has a camera trained on them, they can do whatever they want and have it be normal. As bad as this bitch’s behavior was in this video, all the bystanders who just stood around are part of the problem too.

We see THOTs acting out all over the place, and no one putting them in their place. Like when a crazy Jewish whore decided to do some exhibitionism in Italy and almost got raped for it.

I'll just couch my desire to flaunt my gooch to random people on the street in Social Justice terminology and film it with an Iphone to make it socially acceptable.
This trend is best seen in the "its just a prank, bro" phenomenon. I bet I could run up to a Soyboy and slap a rainbow dildo smeared with whipped cream across his face and then tell him, "its part of a social experiment bro!" and have him smile at the camera with a thumbs-up sign.

The whole, “I’m doing it for my channel/Instagram/blog” loophole needs to be closed and this THOT behavior shut down.

But as long as this loophole exists, I say we exploit it. Remember, nothing counts as long as you are filming it for some channel or social media on the internet. (Note: this only works on Whites). Feel free to say “Hitler did nothing wrong!” if and only if you have a camera rolling. “Gas the kikes!” might need a firm “its just a prank, bro” to pull off, but otherwise you should be fine as well.

Hell, when the day comes, we’ll claim that the ovens we’re assembling are “just a prank” and the normies won’t raise a finger to resist.

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The degeneracy must end. :expressionless:

(Also inb4 N4UK…!!)

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